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Frequently Asked Questions (3D InSight Liver Microtissues)

3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues

Q: When do I get my product?

A: We produce 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues every two weeks. (Check the Liver Microtissue Production Schedule for upcoming production runs.)  After your order is completed, our customer service team will contact you by email to notify you of the next shipping dates.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We ship our microtissues in a patent-pending shipping container that maintains the microtissue functionality and integrity perfectly. The transport method depends on the destination country. Typically, the microtissues ship via companies such as Fedex, UPS, DHL or direct commercial airline flights such as Swiss Air. When you place your order, please choose an appropriate ship-to address and contact name so the microtissues will be delivered promptly to your lab.

Q: Where are the microtissues produced?

A: The microtissues are produced in our production facility in Schlieren, Switzerland outside of Zurich.

Q: Will I receive a shipment tracking number?

A: If the microtissues ship via Fedex, UPS, DHL you will receive a tracking number.  If the shipment travels via a direct commercial flight you will receive notification of departure and scheduled arrival date.  InSphero monitors the shipment until delivery. 

Q: What do I get with my order of microtissues?

A: InSphero’s microtissues are delivered in an Akura™ plate designed for protecting microtissues during media changes, dosings and other treatments. Each shipment includes maintenance media, a USB temperature logger confirming successful transport temperature and InSphero’s Quick Start Guide providing instructions for handling microtissues upon arrival.   Each plate of microtissues also comes with a specialized lid for maintaining an optimal cell culture environment. Quality Control release data is provided via email after delivery along with images of each microtissue.

As a user of InSphero’s liver microtissues you will also receive the password to our Customer Portal where you will find protocols and other helpful details for successful microtissue studies.

Q: What should I do with the microtissues upon arrival?

A: Open the outer box and retrieve the temperature logger from the internal microtissue box.  Press Start/Stop button on the monitor to view confirmation that appropriate temperature was maintained during transport.  Change the media upon arrival or place the microtissues in a 37⁰C incubator until you can change the media. Follow instructions in the Quick Start Guide for microtissue maintenance upon arrival.  Additional instructions can be found in InSphero’s microtissue handling guide.

Q: What toxicology studies and assays can I run with my liver microtissues?

A: See InSphero’s website at link below for examples of hepatotoxicity data generated with InSphero’s 3D liver microtissues.

Q: Why should I use InSphero microtissues?

A: Our standardized, scaffold-free liver microtissues are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality specifications using our 3D Select™ process in sate of the art facilities by our staff of 3D experts in toxicology and metabolic diseases.  Receiving our assay-ready, user-friendly format means you can focus your resources on generating more relevant data in 3D models.

InSphero General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Prior to placing an order on this page, we recommend that you first read the InSphero Terms and Conditions. This document includes our disclaimer, imprint, and detailed terms and conditions information.  PDF version.