ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues
ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues
ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues
ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues
ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues
ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues

ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues

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Overview of ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues

InSphero’s ARCTis™ Oncology plates represent a novel concept that enables a fast and reliable use of 3D cultured microtissues for adoption in drug discovery programs. They are designed to support your testing strategy and help you by being conveniently ready whenever you need them. 

Zero development time & costs - ARCTis™ CryoTumors are optimized for reliable formation, uniform size and cell composition, and growth window. From freezer to assay-ready 3D tumor spheroid in 3-5 days, giving your team a head start generating valuable data for your project. 

A broad range of cell lines - We are building the largest 3D CryoTumor bank in the world. This ever-expanding cache of tumor models allows you to generate bigger, better, and more predictive data sets that capture the effects of tumor heterogeneity. 

Convenient scaffold-free  - Formation of spheroids below 500 µm via cellular self-assembly in ultralow attachment (ULA-treated) plates. 

Zero spheroid loss during the medium exchange - SureXchange™ tapered ledge and culture chamber facilitates easy medium exchange and prevents spheroid loss during long-term spheroid growth and analysis. The 1 mm diameter flat bottom observation window enables simple spheroid observation, and greater distance between observation windows of adjacent wells reduces well-to-well imaging crosstalk compared to standard 96-well plates. 

Features of ARCTis™ Onocology Cryo Tissues

ARCTis™ Oncology Cryo Tissues: 

  • 1 x ARCTis™ Oncology plate
  • Cryopreserved (-80 °C) 
  • 96-well plate with all 96 wells containing cells 
  • Monoculture, one cell line per plate  
  • Cell suspension (each well) for single spheroid formation (scaffold-free) 
  • 1 x 30ml Tumor Reaggregation Medium (CS-07-112-04)


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