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Using Insphero's 96 well plate for testing purposes
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Technology bettering biological research

For more than a decade, InSphero has developed and optimized technologies for robust and reproducible production, cultivation and assaying of 3D spheroids and organoids.

In countless successful collaboration projects with pharmaceutical and biotech partners, our technology has contributed to deep biological insights, better decisions and safer drugs.

Pharmaceutical Success Stories: Hear from Satisfied Customers

A landmark Archives of Toxicology article, “Utility of spherical human liver microtissues for prediction of clinical drug-induced liver injury” by our collaborators in the field, highlights the advantages of using 3D InSight™ Human Liver Microtissues for DILI prediction.

Will Proctor, Alison Foster, Simon Messner, Dominic Williams and several other notable experts

I would highly recommend using Akura™ Plates due to the simplicity of use in many aspects of 3D cell culture. Their unique well geometry and the SureXchange™ ledge facilitate many procedures that must be performed on an almost daily basis, among which are spheroid seeding, medium exchange, imaging, spheroid picking, or biochemical assays. Through the straightforward use of the Akura™ Plates, handling steps can more easily be standardized among different lab members, which ultimately leads to more consistent and reliable experimentation. 

Senior Scientist at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Basel using the Akura™ 96 Spheroid Plate

We have been using the Incubox™ for a few weeks and the results are very good. We no longer have any edge effects in our culture plates.

Postdoctoral Researcher from IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine testing the Incubox™

We are using the Akura 96 well plates to aggregate liver (HEPG2) and bone (SaOS-2, MG63) spheroids. We really enjoy working with the Akura™ 96 Plates because they facilitate handling and reduce errors. Especially the several medium changes during long-term experiments can be quite challenging with spheroids because other plates do not allow you to remove all of the medium without risking to touch, break or accidently remove the spheroid as well. This is also a big plus for drug intervention studies.

Postdoctoral Researcher from Erasmus MC testing the Akura™ 96 Spheroid Plate: