Akura™ Twin Microplate




The Akura™ Twin Microplate is designed for organ-organ cross-talk in the presence of immune cells with robust handling as well as reliable culturing and analysis. 

  • The plate is based on the Akura™ 384 Spheroid Microplate with one spheroid/organoid per well 

  • A microchannel connects two adjacent wells enabling soluble factors and single (immune) cells to travel between both wells 

  • Enhanced imaging speed and resolution through flat and highly transparent bottom well


Address present challenges in drug development 

  • Add immune competence to your 3D cell-based assays 

  • Study organ-organ cross-talk with side-by-side co-culturing on different spheroids 

  • Investigate immune cell / 3D tissue interaction at scales 





    The Akura™ Twin Microplate is engineered for spheroid organ models, which have to be produced in another plate prior to transferring them for co-culturing into the Akura™ Twin Microplate.


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