Live Microtissue Shipping: Engineered for Convenient Delivery

Ensuring physiologically relevant microtissue functionality, from our lab to yours

InSphero was the first biotech company to successfully ship live 3D spheroid models to labs throughout North America and Europe, ready to assay.  Over the past decade, we have continued to refine and enhance our shipping technology to maintain optimal shipping conditions that keep plates of microtissues upright and at the appropriate temperature to minimize risk of loss or damage during transit.  The extra care we take in packing and shipping these delicate live co-cultures ensures they are ready for compound dosing within hours upon receipt.  Shipments of our assay-ready solutions include the appropriate 3D cell culture media optimized for maintenance of specific tissue types and applications.

Watch the video below to learn more about how we keep your microtissues safe on their journey to your lab with our proprietary, patent-pending InFloat™ technology.

Specialized Packaging

Every order is custom-packed to ensure temperature stabilization and to withstand the bumps, turns, and tumbles of express shipping.

Receive and Go

Upon receiving microtissues, simply centrifuge the plate(s) and perform a medium exchange to replace the shipment medium with fresh tissue-specific maintenance medium (provided). Tissues are ready for compound dosing following a 3-16 hour acclimation period.

Same day receipt and dosing with Assay-ready 3D InSight™ Microtissues