Akura Tilting Stand for Better Spheroid Aggregation
a photo of Insphero's 384 well plate placed onto of a tilting stand
Akura™ Tilting Stand

Akura™ Tilting Stand

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Overview of the Akura™ Tilting Stand 

The Akura™ Tilting Stand conveniently keeps well plates at an angle of 30 degrees during cell aggregation improving spheroid/organoid uniformity.

  • Improved spheroid uniformity through tilting of Akura™ 96/384 Spheroid Plates and directing cells to the edge of the well for efficient aggregation.
    • Safe stacking of up to 4 plates for parallel spheroid/organoid formation
      • Incubator safe and reusable through simple cleaning and sterilization.

      Art.-No.: CS-AG11

      Features of the Akura™ Tilting Stand 

      One stand, individually wrapped, made of anodized aluminum, non-sterile.

      • Intuitive, easy-to-use stage for stable tilting of Akura™ Plates
      • Safe stacking of up to four Akura™ Plates
      • Inert material and easy-to-clean design
      • Can be sterilized using conventional methods


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      Technical specifications Akura™ Tilting Stand

      FAQ of the Akura™ Tilting Stand 

      Important - The Akura™ Tilting Stand is used in combination with Akura™ 96 and Akura™ 384 Plates.